The X Factor

You don't need a karaoke machine to prove that Reservoir's got talent. We're full of it. And nothing brings it out like a few Beams and the spectre of a $50 pizza voucher.
The karaoke machine jammed in a violent air guitar incident over a year ago and now only plays Eye of the Tiger and TNT. As yet no-one has noticed.

Circle of Life

These are my favourite three shops in all of the 'Voir. I can't quite bring myself to buy anything from them though.

Glamour Lifestyle Experience

Is it just me or do real estate agents have a way with words?
They had me at Glamour Lifestyle Experience, but then I read about the romantic appeal and groovy club lighting and I was sold. Even so, I still feel they're selling the place short. I took a wide shot so you can see what I mean.

Positioned conveniently next door to a plumber and a massage therapist on a main thoroughfare, the property overlooks a defunct (if mystifying) mid-century subterranean toilet block. I can see a range of good talking points the agent has overlooked here.